Nageltisch (Nail Table) 1916

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Donations for the Fighting Morale

During the First World War, numerous so called “war nailings” took place in Austria-Hungary from 1915 onwards. Although these acts were modelled after medieval traditions and were supposed to raise money for widows and orphans, they secretly mainly served to strengthen the war fever. The shape and design of this table reminds of its donors: the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Infantry Regiment No.2. The “Zweier Bosniaken“ organised their nailing after they had successfully stormed Monte Meletta-Fior together with the Styrian Infantry Regiment No. 27 on 7 June 2016, which involved heavy losses.

Painted wood, metal nails
120 × 70 × 70 cm
Graz Museum / Photo: Arno Friebes

War Nails Table

The War Nails Table of the “Zweier Bosniaken” is one of the war nails objects in Graz we know of. The object was created when the regiment was relocated to Lebring and a training camp was run. It was commissioned by the officer corps. Originally there was also a sculpture on the table showing a Bosniak descending from Monte Meletta.