Graecium Graz Johann Christoph Haffner, 1730

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Previous object Wahre Abbildung der kayserlich und Lands-Fürstlichen Haubt Stadt Graz, wie selbe von auf gegen den Aufgang im Jahr 1699 zu sehen ist (True Representation of the Imperial and Territorial Capital Graz as seen from West to East in 1699)

Fortress and City of the Church

This view of the city by Johann Christoph Haffner shows Graz as seen from the historical Murvorstadt. A view of the city by Georg Matthäus Vischer served as a template. The coat of arms of the city is inserted to the upper left; a banner reading GRAECIUM GRAZ in the centre. The fortress on the mountain dominates the city like a stronghold. Right under the Schlossberg, only a narrow row of houses is visible; to the right of it, the city is spreading with a striking accumulation of churches. At the bottom margin of the image, a caption in German and Latin explains distinctive places in the city.

Copperplate print on paper
31 × 67,5 cm
Graz Museum