View of the Reininghaus Brewery Erwin Pendl, 1908

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Brewing Company Reininghaus

In 1853, the married couple Johann Peter Reininghaus and Therese Mautner-Markhof bought the old Königshofer Brewery in Eggenberg, a community that had formed in the surrounding area of Graz only shortly before. Two years later, Johann Peter and his brother Julius founded the company Brüder Reininghaus, which produced beer, spirits, liqueurs, compressed yeast, and vinegar. At the turn of the twentieth century, Reininghaus was the fifth-largest brewery of the country, had about 700 employees, and exported beer even to the Levant, Zanzibar, East India, and South America.

Gravure printed tableau from: Die Stadt Graz, ihre kulturelle, bauliche, soziale und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung in den letzten sechzig Jahren nebst kurzen geschichtlichen Rückblicken, herausgegeben aus Anlaß der Achthundertjahrfeier 1128–1928 (The City of Graz, Its Cultural, Architectural, and Social Development over the Past Sixty Years along with Brief Historical Reviews, Published on the Occasion of the Octocentennial 1128–1928). Municipality of Graz, p. 352
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