Abbildung der Vornehmen Festung und Statt GRATZ in der Steyermark 1667 (Illustration of the Noble Fortress and City of Graz in Styria in 1667) Paulus Fürst, 1667

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From the Shooting Range to the Ninepins Alley

What is shown is a copy of the original copperplate print by Matthäus Merian from 1649. The imperial double eagle can be found in the upper left corner and the Panther of Styria in the upper right. The historical Murvorstadt is taking up a lot of space in this view of the city from the south. An arm of the Mur River, which ran through the area of today’s Griesplatz until the mid-17th century, forms its southern border. In the bottom left corner, the bourgeois shooting range is clearly shown, which would lose its martial and sportive character soon thereafter and turn into a popular entertainment center with an inn and ninepins alleys.

Copperplate print on paper
31,5 × 40,5 cm
Graz Museum